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After over a year of working, living, learning, and playing at home, we were eager to see what manufacturers and designers would whip up for the 2021 Kitchen and Bath Industry this past winter. 

It will come as no surprise, then, that the show itself was greatly influenced by the shared experiences of the past twelve months. Americans have been spending more time than ever at home, and all that time means we’ve been looking at our homes for ways to maximize efficiency, space, and truly make it out our own.

The pandemic changed how the show came together, too. Normally, this annual event draws over 100,000 people to see hundreds of new kitchen and bath trends from dozens of manufacturers. This year, a few notable trends stood across the board and, soon, will find their way into the updated homes of families looking to spruce up their digs for the long haul. 

Cleanliness Through Tech

We’ve been washing our hands for a year with a renewed sense of vigor. Designers are bringing that new emphasis to health and wellness at home. Technology is playing a big role, offering hands-free functionality in sinks and built-in soap dispensers to reduce the risk of surface contamination. These even have an automatic timer set at the CDC twenty seconds for a germ-killing scrub! 

Color Is Big 

This trend started back in 2019, but more and more manufacturers are bringing color into their spaces. These aren’t just accents either; rich blues and reds, pastels, and a plethora of other notes from a wide palette take center stage in appliances and cabinetry. In fact, the testament that the trend is really pervasive is that there isn’t a dominant color, which is great for those looking to bring just the right look home. 


Color might be the most notable element, but there’s a wider sense that consumers want to really put their touch on their kitchen these days. In addition to normal customizable panels, manufacturers are often the option to imprint or etch custom images and lettering on certain surfaces. All of this is meant to reinforce the sense of self and the sense of safety we find between our own four walls. 

Still, manufacturers continue to face challenges in bringing these appliances and designs to market, with supply chain issues continuing to hamper US inventory. We advise anyone in the market for a new appliance to get shopping and give us a shot to get it to you; the sooner you order, the sooner your name will hit the top of the list!


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