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Five Tips To Make Cooking Easier

We all start the year motivated, don’t we? We’re committed to watching less Netflix, staying in touch with friends, and exercising more. Part of the annual move to get healthy often includes eating healthier, more nourishing foods, and preparing delicious meals at home for our families. To keep with your New Year’s Resolutions, we’ve put together a few tips that will help you save time, cook more efficiently, and enjoy your time in the kitchen! 

2021 New Year Goals For The Kitchen

2021 is going to be better. Kick it off by committing yourself to get more ambitious and more creative in the kitchen next year by making the right resolutions. Need help? Here are a few we’re working on! 

Christmas Morning Waffles!

If you’ve followed the page for a while, you might have noticed we’re pretty big fans of waffles. So on Christmas, while the kids are eager to rip into their presents and the adults are reveling in the strong, rich aromas of ham, gravy, and buttered rolls, we’re already heating up the waffle iron. The hardest part of the best breakfast of the entire year is having to pick just one or two batters to whip up! 

Four Holiday Recipes To Add To Your Menu!

For the kids, the best part of Christmas is opening up presents. For us, it’s getting to really flex our muscles in the kitchen! As we hit the final weeks before the big day, check out just a few of the recipes we’re looking forward to bring to our table this holiday season. 











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