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The History of the Lox Bagel

Food History: The History of Japanese Pancakes

As the Olympics get set to kick-off in Tokyo, we thought it’d be really fun to encourage our readers to try something new in the kitchen to celebrate the games! While likely best known for sushi, Japanese cuisine is storied, unique, and incredibly delicious. Here is a particular cultural dish that has been eaten in Japan for hundreds of years. These Japanese pancakes would be a blast to try your hand at if you have friends and family coming over to watch the Olympic Games on TV!

The History of Strawberry Shortcake

Spring is a fleeting thing in northern Michigan. After a cold and rainy April and a less-than-temperate start to May, we’re getting our first glimpses of summer. That means it’s also time to enjoy in-season fruits! In short, let’s make strawberry shortcake!

The History of The Bagel

Today, they’re ubiquitous. Once the specialty of neighbor delicatessens in locations with strong Jewish and Eastern European populations, the ageless boiled-and-baked bagel is now finding itself on the cover of gourmet food magazines and a staple at high-end, trendy restaurants. 

The History of Olive Oil

It’s built empires, saved lives, adorned the faces of kings, and delighted the palates of peasants. While the ancient world coveted gold and silver and relied on bronze and steel, it survived on olive oil. Learn more about the rich tradition of this ancient foodstuff that’s been the bedrock of Western cuisine alongside bread for thousands of years! 










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