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It's Michigan Food and Agriculture Month!

Michigan’s roots are in agriculture. That’s why March is Michigan Food and Agriculture Month, a way to honor the local farmers and industries that cultivate our state’s bounty for both our dinner tables and millions of families around the world. 

Energy Efficient Appliances Have Come A Long Way

We all try to do what we can to save the planet. We recycle. We ride our bikes to run errands when we can. We even lower the thermostat a bit. But have you taken a look at how your appliances are contributing to carbon emissions?

Get Creative: Czech Karbanatky

Since it’s tough to travel these days, we’re spending the next few weeks on a world tour via your taste buds! Celebrating some of the most famous, and most underappreciated, culinary offerings around, we hope you’ll get creative in the kitchen and give some of these international flavors a try! 

Three Reasons To Shop Local...Out Of 68 Million

It’s always been important, but these past several months have really driven the importance of supporting local businesses home. When you choose a locally-owned retailer, restaurant, farm, or service, you’re adding to the overall prosperity and connectedness of your community. 

Five Tips To Make Cooking Easier

We all start the year motivated, don’t we? We’re committed to watching less Netflix, staying in touch with friends, and exercising more. Part of the annual move to get healthy often includes eating healthier, more nourishing foods, and preparing delicious meals at home for our families. To keep with your New Year’s Resolutions, we’ve put together a few tips that will help you save time, cook more efficiently, and enjoy your time in the kitchen! 










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