2021 New Year Goals For The Kitchen


2021 is going to be better. Kick it off by committing yourself to get more ambitious and more creative in the kitchen next year by making the right resolutions. Need help? Here are a few we’re working on! 

We’re all looking forward to a new year and a fresh start. When it comes to cooking, sometimes taking a step back and starting from scratch, literally, is a way to spice things up...again, sometimes literally. Get the creativity and playfulness back in cooking by trying new things, or putting a new twist on what you’re already good at! Especially as we’re spending more time at home than ever, creating new dishes while we have the time helps to avoid repetition and monotony, and that’s not fun for anyone! 

Bake A New Dessert. Many of us have just one or two go-to desserts. This year, make it a goal to try and perfect a number of new dishes! A great way to stay inspired is to look at in-season offerings, especially as we get closer to spring, summer, and fall. When it’s time to bake, reach for strawberries in spring, find our local cherries in July, and look for apples by late September. And it can’t hurt to look past cookies, cakes, and brownies, either; why not try a mousse or souffle? 

Make Dinner A Big Deal. We typically cook our favorite dishes or our biggest productions at major holidays and that’s it. This year, pick a day of the week to really flex your muscles. It may end up being Saturday or Sunday, but get the family to commit to really sitting down together for something special. Better yet, get them in the kitchen with you to help out and learn important skills for later on in life! 

Pickle Something. Really. Pickling and canning is a long tradition that helps us connect to the earth, the seasons, and our local agriculture. Pickle veggies while they’re in season and explore fresh flavors and new recipes when you pull them out of the panty months later. The best part is that it’s a lot easier than most people think! 

Go For The Grill. Make this the year that you become a grill master. The key is, of course, practice! Pick one night a week to prepare a meal on the grill all year long or, if you need to, once the weather gets a bit better. And it doesn’t always have to be dinner! Grills can make breakfast, lunch, and desserts, too; some of the best pies we’ve ever had came hot off a Weber. 

Setting simple goals to keep you learning and inspired helps to turn cooking into something fun, rather than just another chore. Life isn’t lived by checking things off your to-do list; make even the little things as enjoyable as possible!


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