Fascinating Laundry Facts (No, Really)


Even if you’re staying home more, does it feel like you’re doing more laundry than ever? If you’ve got the laundry room on the brain, here are some mind-blowing facts about sudsing up your duds. 

Americans tend to have big washers and dryers, plus hefty wardrobes to keep clean. For most families, laundry ‘day’ is everyday, and that can really add up. On average, we do 8-10 loads per week. For a family of four, that’s about two loads per person, per week, for 52 weeks of the year! Those loads stay inside, too. While it was long a tradition in many homes, just 21% of American families dry their clothes on clotheslines these days. In frigid northern Michigan, it’s no wonder that’s a very seasonal thing! 

All of that washing adds up, but it doesn’t play as big a part in your water bill as you might think. Approximately 21% of your water consumption is due to laundry, while roughly 41% is from flushing your toilet. 

While most of us only think of laundry as a residential concern, it’s a big investment for many companies. Take Disney, for example. If you did one load of laundry every day for the next 44 years, you’d do the same amount of laundry the theme park does in a single 24 hours! That’s 285,000 pounds of clothes and costumes cleaned every day! 

Maybe the most startling (not to mention gross) reason we do so much laundry is how dirty our clothes can get. On a normal day, the average adult produces a liter of sweat, most of which is absorbed by your clothes or evaporates into the air. But that’s not all. You also lose about 10 grams of salt, 40 grams of grease or oil, and 10 grams worth of dead skin cells. Almost all of that is nestled in your shirt, underwear, pants, and socks. Ready to do a load of laundry now?

Laundry isn’t the most fun thing you’ll do today, but it’s an important way to stay healthy, happy, and confident. For all your laundry needs, trust the experts at Max’s Service for the best appliances from the best manufacturers and expert support, anytime.


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