How To Add Color To Your Kitchen


We’ve been around long enough to see kitchen colors and finishes go in and out of style...and in again! See what colors stand the test of time and how to add your own touch to the most important room in your home! 

Kitchens bring people together. So often, we have shoppers ask us about different finishes and bold colors for their new appliances, only to talk themselves out of it and going with something a little more traditional. There is nothing wrong with black, white, or beige in your kitchen, but it’s also possible to add a unique touch to your space without that color being dated in six months! 

True, some colors do age quickly. We’ve seen red peak and fade in the past few years, but there are always trendy hues that survive a season or two before being dubbed passe. Here’s how to get it right. 

A Little Goes A Long Way. Whatever color you’re looking at, don’t overdo it. In terms of surface area, your countertops and cabinetry are almost certainly more impactful in the overall theme of the kitchen, so find something neutral. Current trends include mixing wood finishes, opting for a gloss black, or adopting a soft color like sea green. The more reserved you are on cupboards and counters, the more pop you get out of your appliances. 

Commit To It. Red? Yellow? Green? Whatever color you adopt for your appliances, go for it across the board. Most manufacturers offer the same finishes and options across their kitchen range, making it really easy to get a uniform look that is still very unique. 

Think High And Low. You can do a lot for a space by introducing different colors at different levels. This technique is especially useful if your kitchen has an island; you can give that a more daring look, while integrating small strokes of that same color in smaller areas, like the backsplash or cupboard handles. 

It’s YOUR Kitchen. At the end of the day, do what you want with your space. Be bold, be conservative, or put the onus more on finding the best appliances to keep your family happy and your creativity inspired. 

Need more inspiration and help? Ask our sales team what’s hot in 2020 and what we see trending in the years to come as well!


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