How to Lower Your Energy Bills


With energy costs increasing across the country, many people are focusing on increasing the efficiency of their home appliances. While investing in high-efficiency appliances is well worth the money, you may want to take action right away to keep your energy bills from becoming unwieldy. 

Here are some simple tips to lower your energy costs (and your carbon footprint!) that you can incorporate right away. 

Freezer and Refrigerator Energy Saving Tips

If your freezer and refrigerator are on the older side, it’s a great idea to have a certified technician check to make sure the seals are still tight. We frequently see older units with poor seals, meaning energy is being wasted on leaked cold air. 

Additionally, you can lower the temps in both units. 38 degrees is the most economical temperature for most modern refrigerators, while somewhere between 0-5 degrees is perfect for modern freezers. 

Washer and Dryer Energy Saving Tips

This one is a bit obvious, but washing your clothes in cold water cuts your per-load energy usage in half. For bigger families, simply using cold water instead of hot water can have a drastic impact on lowering your energy usage. 

Air-drying your clothes also can dramatically reduce your energy bills. While not always possible (like in the winter months in Northern Michigan) doing this in the summer months is a super smart way to go. 

Lighting and Electricity Energy Saving Tips

If you’ve never heard of a smart power strip, you should definitely check them out. These power strips detect when an electric appliance or other item isn’t in use and cuts the energy going to that unit to a trickle. 

Switching to LED lightbulbs can reduce your electricity bill by at least $75 annually. These bulbs also tend to last a bit longer than conventional bulbs, saving you even more money. 

Energy Star Energy Efficient Appliances and Products

When upgrading your appliances, keep an eye out for the Energy Star certification. This certification, managed and granted to products by the EPA, let’s consumers know that a given product meets the strict criteria for efficiency and carbon footprint reductions. Your Max’s Service sales associate can you help you determine the best Energy Star appliance for your home to help you lower your bills and impact on the environment. 

Thanks so much for reading! Any other tips we should include? Let us know in the comments!


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