Keep The Kids Busy This Summer!


School is out! Whether the kids are staying home, headed to daycare, or break up the day with some day camps, this season is just as fun and just as busy as ever! 

Much like the school year, summer still takes a lot of organization. It may have come as a disappointment to learn that adults don’t get a summer break when you left high school, but you found out quickly that we can still have fun with the kids! Make the most of the season and the charms of northern Michigan! 

You Can’t Beat A Beach Day. Of course, we all know how much fun it can be to take a personal day and cart the whole family down to the beach. One of the best parts of living in Traverse City is that you are never far from water, and this time of year, getting there is easier than ever. Skip the traffic and leave the car in the garage; when it comes to getting to the beach, go by bike. Have the kids pack their own towels and toys, and make snacks as a family. Practicing to prepare for a day out empowers kids to think ahead. Make them pull up a map and route a safe way to ride to the water, taking traffic and busy intersections into consideration. 

Of course, you’ll also need a snack. We love these sweet potato banana bites!  

Join The Club. Kids need to keep their brains growing. It can be tough to sit kids down and make them do schoolwork over the summer months, but it’s not too much of a challenge to get them to enjoy a great book! Traverse Area District Library offers the Summer Reading Club to pick the most exciting, interesting, and fun books for kids of specific ages. Plus, it’s free! And hey, parents can join their own club, too. 

Get signed up for the 2021 Summer Reading Club here

Go To College. For kids, at least. After a summer of remote-only programs, College for Kids is back at Northwestern Michigan College this year! There is a huge catalog of classes from a wide variety of studies, from coding to cooking! Many of the programs are a week long, which means every Monday offers another chance to explore a new topic. 

Sign up for college here. 

Make It Easy To Make Lunch. Cooking is a life-long skill that many adults wish they would have had more exposure to in their youths. This summer, make lunch an activity. Take the kids shopping to pick out the ingredients, clip coupons, and put groceries away when they get home. When it’s time to cook, get them online to find a recipe for something that sounds good, and get them in the habit of cooking healthy, fresh ingredients for simple dishes like spaghetti, quesadillas, salads, and more. 

Find 30 kid-friendly recipes here

From everyone at Max’s, here’s to a long, fun summer for everyone, parents included! 


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