The Best Grilling Blogs To Get Inspired This Summer!


Summer is here! This weekend, celebrate the Solstice with some fun in the sun with the whole family right at home. While many are still sticking close to the house and keeping gatherings small, it’s the perfect time to get creative on the grill. 

There’s nothing night like a sunny day with the whole family gathered outside and the grill fired up. With health experts suggesting that any get-togethers stay small and stay outdoors, the backyard with a few chairs spread apart is the best way to see grandparents or other extended family safely. 

And it’s also a chance to flex your muscles. We spend a lot of time (okay, probably too much) looking for new things to grill. The possibilities are endless! From breakfast, lunch, and dinner to sweet treats (we won’t bake pies inside again until November!) and everything you can imagine, a grill can be a fun way to get cooking! 

We love what having a grill provides a family and how it connects us during busy, challenging, or stressful times. That’s why we offer free assembly and delivery on all Weber Grills $499 and up. We’ll put it together and place it where you want so that all you need to do is decide what to cook first! 

To that end, below are some of our favorite grilling blogs. 

Weber Grills - Grilling Master Classes - These videos are created by expert grillers to show you how to cook a whole lot more than burgers and hot dogs! The rest of the Weber channel has a lot more recipes, ideas, and even some technical help on how to get the most out of your grill. 

Steve Raichlen’s BBQ Bible - Never short of ideas, Steve offers tons of recipes every month, plus special holiday and season dishes, too. He also has a lot of great technical tips, including how to clean your grill quickly and what tools you might need as well. 

The Spruce Eats - Vegan BBQ - It’s not all meat, and with the Vegan BBQ guide, it’s not just veggies, either. From tofu to fruit and a whole lot more, it’s time to rethink what grilling is all about! 

Finally, we gotta give you this one. Grilling a pie, when you get it right, is a point of culinary pride and a nice way to enjoy some of the seasonal, local treats of northern Michigan! Here’s the best run-through, and we’ll add one tip. For your first try, use a store-bought crust. Those seem to hold up against being a few degrees too hot a bit better than homemade, for whatever reason. 

Now get grilling!


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