Our Continuing Commitment To Safety


Nothing comes before our customers. That’s always been a pillar of our philosophy at Max’s, and over the past few months, it’s remained the lodestar around which we’ve based every decision about our business. 

We were simply blown away by the continued support of our neighbors in the early days of Michigan’s Stay-At-Home orders. Those executive orders kept Michigan residents safe, though they came with some obvious challenges. Through the early weeks, we were constantly reacting and adjusting to the health and safety situation. We spent hours each and every day weighing and measuring risk and always putting caution first. 

As things have stabilized, we’re continuing to keep our staff and customers safe. As we enter the busy summer season, we’re asking that customers continue to call Max’s to begin their shopping experience and to learn more about service and repairs. This helps us reduce foot traffic in the store, as well as reduce the amount of face-to-face contact our team faces in a normal day. 

We also ask that everyone who enters the store wears a mask. While we have a big showroom, many of the important conversations take place in relatively close proximity. We value those conversations and the ability to answer your questions, but we need to keep each other safe. That’s why you’ll find our sales team wearing masks and taking their calls from behind screens. 

Finally, our commitment to keeping you safe starts well before the doors open. We’ve been cleaning the sales floor, our shipping and receiving area, and every inch of our store to disinfect surfaces. It’s time we don’t find, but make every day to ensure that when our customers walk in, they can feel as comfortable as possible. 

You can shop at Max’s with the knowledge that we value the health of all of our neighbors as much as we value your business. Together, we can make your appliance purchase safe and keep our entire community healthy! 

For more information on our efforts to keep you safe, as well as our expectations for our customers, give us a call!


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