Three Easy Stews to Warm Your Soul This Winter


As I’m writing this, it’s a beautiful winter day in Northern Michigan. The sun is shining, the snow is shimmering in its rays, and the temperature is… 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Those reading in more balmy climates might ask how we northerners possibly keep our spirits high during these long cold winters. 

In short, we rely heavily on warm, heavy, delicious dishes. We’ve covered comfort foods before, but we also put great emphasis on hearty stews. Their ease to prepare, matched with their soul-warming deliciousness, makes stews a tradition in almost all homes in our area during the winter months. 

Below you’ll find three incredible stew recipes to try this winter. Enjoy!

Simple Beef Stew Recipe - Ready Set Eat

When you think stew, you probably think of beef stew. I know I sure do! This recipe matches up with many classic beef stew recipes you’ll find being made in Northern Michigan. The main appeal? A prep time of just 20 minutes means you can come in from your outdoor winter adventures and get the family warm and fed quickly. 

Easy Vegetable Stew Recipe - Midwest Foodie

Our vegetarian and vegan friends needn’t miss out on the warm, filling comforts of a delicious winter stew. In fact, vegan stew recipes are usually must quicker to prepare, since cooking the meat is often the most time-consuming portion of the process. 

This vegan-friendly stew recipe prominently includes mushrooms, potatoes, and a host of fresh vegetables, making it a healthy and delicious treat on the coldest winter days. 

Beef Stew with Carrots and Potatoes - Once Upon a Chef

A quick, easy beef stew recipe, this is not. For those who have a free Sunday afternoon and want to concoct the most delicious, impressive beef stew possible, this is the recipe to try. This, dear readers, is a classic French beef stew recipe, more commonly known as Beef Bourguignon

For those willing to take the time, this recipe promises to deliver a rich, delicious stew that is perfect to warm loved ones no matter the winter weather. 

Thanks so much for reading the Max’s Service blog! Until next time, happy cooking! 


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