Autumn Dessert Recipes to "Fall" in Love With


With the leaves starting to change, you may already be ready for some fall desserts to warm your soul as the temps begin to drop. While pumpkin pie is always a favorite, we thought we’d share a few new fall treats to try. 

These recipes offer some seriously delicious and treats to try out for your friends and family. We hope you give these recipes and try and let us know how it goes! 

Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet Recipe

First off, here’s a very autumnal and unique take on the classic chocolate cookie. Adding caramel makes fall taste and feel even more welcoming, doesn’t it? This caramel cookie treat includes a dash of ice cream to deliver an extra punch to warm caramel cookie. Doesn’t it sound absolutely delicious? 

Apple Crisp Recipe

Apple crisp delivers all the taste of an apple pie, but with half the hassle. This apple crisp recipe will be ready to make quick, leaving you more time to take in the joys of fall. A mix of sweet, tart, and caramel, warm helping of apple crisp is best served on a clear, chilly evening. 

Pumpkin Bars Recipe 

A fall dessert recipe collection wouldn’t be acceptable without one pumpkin-centric treat! These pumpkin bars take 45 minutes total to prep, bake, and cool, and make two dozen bars. That means there’s the shortest possible time between you and eating pumpkin bars with friends and family. 

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

This recipe is a must-try! It’s the ease of cupcakes combined with the deliciousness of cream cheese frosting; what could possibly be better? It’s the best possible way to get that pumpkin spice taste that’s not in latte form! 

Thanks so much for reading. Consider sharing this post on social media in the hopes one of your friends takes the hint and makes one of these delicious fall dessert recipes for you! 


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