Meet a Max's Brand: Wolf Ranges, Cooking Tops, and Built-In Ovens


If you’re considering a kitchen redesign, there’s a brand we carry that we’d recommend for your strong consideration. With a stellar reputation in professional kitchen spaces, Wolf’s residential offerings are held in equally high regard. Take a minute to learn more about this exceptional brand and its product lines. 

Made in the Midwest

Wolf’s residential products are made in Wisconsin. Having manufacturing so close to Michigan is a boon for homeowners who want to purchase appliances and not worry about dealing with customer support from foreign countries. 

The company has a sterling record of working with us to serves our customers’ needs. Our responsive partnership with Wolf allows us to feel confident in our pledge to serve our customers well after the appliances are installed in their homes. 

Diverse Product Offerings

Another appealing aspect of carrying Wolf appliances is their wide range of kitchen appliances. From ranges and built-in ovens to cooktops, we’re able to find the exact offering our customers are looking for to make their kitchen unique to them. 

For example, Wolf’s offerings in their range line-up is simply wonderful. Customers can choose between duel fuel ranges, gas ranges, and induction ranges to best suit their desired cooking needs and style. This diversity of selection allows us to work with our customers to find exactly what they want for their dream kitchen - settling isn’t necessary. 

Lastly, Wolf’s residential kitchen appliances are guaranteed to last for over twenty years of daily use. The company has one of the strongest warranties in the industry, helping our staff to recommend these products to any interested customer. We know Wolf will help us take care of you, and for that, we’re confident you’ll feel excellent about your purchase. 

If you’d like to learn more about Wolf’s products, we hope you’ll get in touch. Send us an email or give us a call (231-947-6830) for an expert and professional consultation. 


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