Smart Grilling: A Look at Weber's Lineup of Smart Grills


The Internet of Things movement has touched every industry on the planet; from refrigerators to toothbrushes, the tools we use on a daily basis are getting hooked up to the Internet. While some might bemoan the arrival of technology in new parts of our lives (does my refrigerator need a TV for me to watch Netflix on?) there are certainly some really cool perks to seeing how technology makes some items more accessible and easier to use. 

Weber has some really impressive grills that boast some incredibly cool technological touches. If you’ve never checked these grills out, you might be pretty impressed with some of the smart innovations technology can bring to your next grilling experience. 

The Weber Genesis II SX-335 Smart Grill

At the top of the Weber smart grill line is the Genesis II. Stainless steel construction makes this grill look as smart as it is. But beneath the hood is more technology than an Apollo mission. When paired with a smartphone, grillers can now be kept up to date on cook-time, food temperatures, and fuel levels no matter where they are. The Genesis will even send you an alert when your food has reached your desired level of doneness. 

If that’s not impressive, I’m not sure how else to impress a diehard grill fan. Check out some reviews from customers who’ve purchased this grill. 4.7 stars? That’s pretty impressive too! 

The Weber Spirit SX-315 Smart Grill

As anyone from the technology world will tell you, the technology at the top-of-the-line technology should impress us. But what’s important for the grilling industry is what kind of technology is available at the more affordable end of the lineup. 

Luckily, Weber has us well-sorted at this end of their smart grill arsenal as well. Perfectly-timed alerts arrive to grillers to ensure they know exactly when their food has reached ideal readiness. A real-time countdown on your phone and grill ensures you know exactly how much time you have to hob-knob with guests before having to return to your post at the grill. It even offers step-by-step grilling assistance to help you grill the perfect meal every single time. 

Are smart grills for everyone? Probably not. And that’s totally ok! One of the wonderful things about grilling is that we have so many grill options that work for our needs and lifestyles. From wood pellet grills to gas portables, there’s a perfect grill, at the perfect price for you. 

Stop in and let us help you find your perfect grilling setup! 


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