Three Reasons To Shop Local...Out Of 68 Million


It’s always been important, but these past several months have really driven the importance of supporting local businesses home. When you choose a locally-owned retailer, restaurant, farm, or service, you’re adding to the overall prosperity and connectedness of your community. 

At Max’s, we know how important it is to be there for our neighbors. When we make repairs, we see first-hand the individuals and families who share our same passion for living, working, and playing in Traverse City. Northern Michigan is a special place that is full of beautiful places and wonders, but it wouldn’t be nearly as exceptional without the people who live here and the businesses they help to thrive. 

There are a million reasons to support small businesses. In fact, there are nearly 60 million. Approximately 58 million Americans work or own a small business, the sort of businesses that keep our communities vibrant. Here are just a few more good reasons to buy, shop, and support local. 

Shopping Local Supports The Economy. More money stays in your community when it’s spent at a small business. According to one study, approximately 68 cents of every dollar spent at a locally-owned business stays in the city, while just 43 cents of every dollar spent stays in the city when it’s a part of a purchase from a chain-store. 

Shopping One Small Business Supports More Small Businesses. Most chain stores rely on purchasing the majority of their inventory from corporate entities. Many small businesses are able to source their raw materials and finished products from nearby sources. 

Improved Customer Service. When you call Max’s or any locally-owned business, you get someone who is actually in the store. Most big box stores outsource their customer service to national or even international call centers; if the answer isn’t in the prompt book, you won’t get it. Small businesses are also much more likely to work with you, listen, and take care of your issues in a friendly positive way. 

Shopping local now might mean the survival of a local business that means something to you. While not all of your needs can be met locally, take the extra few minutes to reach out to a small business to see if they have what you need or if they’re willing to track it down. Here at Max’s we’ve been overwhelmed with the number of families that have trusted us to find, deliver, install, or repair their appliances not just now, but for years and even generations. We appreciate that level of support, and we always try to do our part to support our Downtown TC neighbors. 


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