Tips for Saving Money By Cooking at Home


As the price for groceries steadily increases, it can really feel like there’s simply no affordable way to cook nutritious meals at home for your family. We’ve put together some tips on how to avoid the urge to swing through the drive-thru and cook at home to save money, and maybe even have a little fun! 

Eating In v. Eating Out

If you think groceries are expensive, take a minute to add up what you’ve spent on all those impulse stops at Burger King or loading the family up for dinner at a restaurant. The average American family spends $3,000 annually on going out to eat. If you live in a town like Traverse City, with a huge selection of restaurants, you’re likely well above that average. 

What to Buy at the Store

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to what to buy at the grocery store. But ask yourself, “What am I actually going to eat?”

Don’t buy steak if you’re too busy to cook steak. Don’t buy a pork loin if you know your family won’t like it. The best advice? Buy versatile foods that can be adapted to be used in any meal. Pasta, rice, tortillas, eggs; are items that might not be appealing on their own but are just a few ingredients away from being a delicious meal.

Make a Grocery Budget and Stick to It

Get a feel of what your ideal grocery list is and make as few alterations to it as possible when you’re doing the shopping. If you’re like me, it’s super easy to grab a tasty treat or an extra case of beer because “it’s on sale!” These impulse buys quickly add up and can drastically increase the total cost of your groceries. 

The best way to avoid these impulse buys? We all know the old adage - never go grocery shopping while you’re hungry!

Add up what you actually spent on groceries each week to see how closely you stuck to your budget. When you see the dollars and cents in black and white, you’re far more likely to stick to your grocery lists in the future. 

Make Cooking at Home Fun

Get the family involved! What a wonderful way to get the family off their screens and work together each evening. Kids love the opportunity to take responsibility and help put a meal on the table. Over time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cooking skills they pick up. 

In summary, cooking at home can save you money. Plus, it can be a wonderful way to get your family together in the evening to spend some quality time. Here’s to happy cooking and lower food bills!


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