Get Creative: Swedish Kalops

Winters in northern Michigan may be long, but the great trails, sights, and sounds of our winter wonderland make spending a day outside a real treat! Of course, after a day in the elements, there’s nothing like sitting down to a hot, hearty meal. This Get Creative dish comes from a country that knows all about soul-warming dishes! 

Get Creative: Irish Soda Bread

We’re back with another Get Creative contribution to your culinary repertoire! Rolling closer to March, it’s time to start thinking about St. Patrick’s Day and whipping up another loaf of Irish Soda Bread. 

Get Creative: Ethiopian Misr Wat

We’re stepping into something spicy for our next culinary offering! Crank up the heat at your next meal with earthy, spicy Ethiopian Misr Wat, or red lentils!

Get Creative: Czech Karbanatky

Since it’s tough to travel these days, we’re spending the next few weeks on a world tour via your taste buds! Celebrating some of the most famous, and most underappreciated, culinary offerings around, we hope you’ll get creative in the kitchen and give some of these international flavors a try! 

Get Creative: Welsh Cakes

One of the best parts of spending a bit more time at home is the opportunity to really get creative in the kitchen! Each weekend, we’ve been picking at least one new recipe to try out, adapt, and get a little creative with. The best dishes and desserts are those that are endlessly customizable to meet your tastes and moods. 











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