Sack Lunch Ideas That Beat Having Another PB&J

Right now, we’re still a ‘go’ for back to school. With the kids out of class since mid-March, have you forgotten how to pack a lunch? We’ve got some ideas. 

This Is Sweet: Dessert Recipes for the Grill!

Dessert on the grill? Now that’s sweet. Keep you Weber fired up after dinner and make something to satisfy your sweet tooth outside! 

Top Three Appliance Reviewers!

Folks have spent a lot of time at home recently, and that may have taken a greater toll on your appliance. It might not be just wear and tear, either. Maybe you’ve discovered a new love for baking? Time for a kitchen upgrade. 

What's Fresh In July

One of the very best parts of living in northern Michigan is the seasons. With each spring, summer, and fall, we’re given more variety than we might want, but there’s a bright side, too. Each season has its own flavor, too! So, what’s fresh this summer? We take a look. 

Our Continuing Commitment To Safety

Nothing comes before our customers. That’s always been a pillar of our philosophy at Max’s, and over the past few months, it’s remained the lodestar around which we’ve based every decision about our business. 










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